Nicosia Fruit Market


DISTANCE: 5mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: Every Wednesday & Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm


Nicosias biggest open air market attracts huge numbers of locals and tourists who want to take a look at local produce and home made sweets. Situated near the Historic Oxi Square this bustling market full of fruit and vegetables gives a vibrant taste of both the traditional and modern Cypriot farming community.

Across the road, next door and in the market you can find several coffee spots in the more traditional 'cafeneo' style, where you can grab a 'Cyprus' coffee made with coffee grounds for a little traditional flavor. Just remember not to drink all the way to the bottom.

Buyuk Han (The Great Inn)


DISTANCE: 8mins walk from The Sandstone
(remember to fill out the entry/exit form crossing the green line, and dont get your passport stamped)

OPEN: Every day but times of individual Studios vary


The largest caravansarai on the island Buyuk Han is considered to be one of the finest buildings on the island. Located across the Green Line from Ledra Street, it was built by the Ottomans in 1572, the year after they had seized Cyprus from the Venetians. In the centre of the open courtyard is a mosque with a fountain for pre-prayer ablutions. It became the first city prison under British administration but reverted in 1893 to a hostel for poor families. After spending most of the 1990s being restored, the inn has been revived as a thriving arts centre, consisting of several galleries and workshops. There are also several courtyard cafes and souvenir shops.


Gynaikobazaro (Woman's Market)


DISTANCE: 4mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: The first Saturday of every month


One of the longest running markets in Nicosia's down town area for crafts, hand made items and art. Bringing all sorts of people together that make a living from selling their hand made wares its a great place to find little gifs. Stall holder differ from month to month which gives a great variety but means that some months the market will be fuller than others.

flea market.jpg

Nicosia Flea Market


DISTANCE: 15mins by car or taxi

OPEN: Every Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm


Founded in 2012 and situated in Kaimakli a suburb of Nicosia close to the walled old town the market is Nicosia's first, hosting more the 60 sellers and up to as many as 40 stalls selling a mixture of antiques, furniture, art, vintage clothes and jewellery, nic-nacs and other paraphernalia.
its well worth a visit if you have the time and space in your suitcase, Kaimakli is however a pretty baron area so if you make the trip it's the only thing in the area worth a look.