DISTANCE: 3mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: Every Day 6:00pm - 12:00pm


Oktana is a space that brings the outside in. With a huge inside covered yard it's a place to settle in for the long night, with cocktail or any number of the drinks on offer, Not the cheapest of places in the old town but it has happy hours before 8:00pm on most weekdays. 



DISTANCE: 4mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: Every Day 6:00pm - 12:00pm


This little Beer haven is found just at the end of Lidra Street the main walkway of the old city. Opened in two old workshop spaces with pull down shutters this little bar is trendy and unique. the only place in Nicosia and perhaps Cyprus that has such a variety of beer under one roof. Choose from traditionally made beers in staggering plenty on draft and in bottle, or from the range of fruity, infused and locally made. Prices vary depending on how far afield the beer has been found, but just to sit is a pleasure with friends, outside on the wooden benches or inside the brick filled rooms.




DISTANCE: 4mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: Every Day 6:00pm - 12:00pm


Only a couple of years old, this garden, cocktail, restaurant, bar has become one of the local hot spots (especially in the summer) attracting large crowds for the atmosphere, interior and great drinks. exciting cocktails are delivered in a cosmopolitan way, professionally and with flair. If cocktails aren't your thing a wide selection of wine and juices are available. Patio also offers a great little menu of tapas style platters and single dishes that enhance the visit with even more flavor, excitement and variety. The tip here would be to avoid this place or sit inside if you are not a fan of loud music, and just for dinner its a no no. as better complete meals can be had elsewhere,




DISTANCE: 7mins walk from The Sandstone

OPEN: Every Day 7:00pm - 3:00am


'Flash back to the good old days' is the tagline, we don't quite agree but its a nice place with a good atmosphere and great selection of DJ's. Food is also good and has variety if you are eating around opening time, but orders can take a while as the night drags on. Once thing to be aware of is that they allow smoking indoors (even though it's against the law) and if you are caught by local authority you and the owner will be fined over 100.